Dr. Sayed Abu Asfar

Chairman & MD


The greatest wealth is health. Efficient physicians are the key to provide quality health care. Khulna City Medical College was established with the vision to produce quality physicians.

It is indeed a great pleasure for me to welcome you at Khulna City Medical College where you intend to pursue your study in medical sciences seeking to achieve the professional graduation you have been dreaming about.

Khulna City Medical College is located at the heart of Khulna City having an excellent academic atmosphere. We provide top class medical education to our students with the help of dedicated, eminent and experienced teachers. At Khulna City Medical College, along with your academic pursuit, you will have ample of opportunities for various extracurricular events. Our ultimate goal is to prepare you as a globally competent physician with the highest level of moral values.

I assure you, it is the best decision you possibly could have made. Khulna City Medical College Hospital has one of the largest tertiary health care facilities in the Southern part of our country. We have one of the best Cardiac Unit in this region. You will also get hand on training at our hospital from a renowned group of clinicians.

Our endless efforts will be continued to make Khulna City Medical College one of the best Quality Medical Educational Institute in Bangladesh. Insha-Allah, after completion of your studies you will come to realize that your days at Khulna City Medical College have been most engaging and rewarding.

Thanking all